HHH Holiday Shopping Guide | Frontier!

{1} Infant’s Fringe Bootie, Minnetonka, $18.95

{2} Davy Crockett Doll, Tonner, $89.99

{3} Boys’ Trucker Jacket, Levi’s, $40

{4} 12 Foot Great Plains Teepee, Stacks and Stacks, $279

{5} Hansa Bella Life-Size Grizzly Bear, Posh Tots, $590

{6} Child Sheepskin Mittens, Kiwi Sheepskins, $39.95

{7} Hansa Monty Ride On Buffalo, Posh Tots, $2,500 (Monty can give rides to kids big and little - up to 250 lbs!)

(I spent so much time focused on the Frontier party, that I've yet to start Christmas shopping...hence the ridiculous tardiness of my shopping guides. But for my fellow procrastinators!...)


  1. Some lucky lil kid will be getting a.... Buffalo? for xmas...what about Amos the lifelike ride on camel? Poor camel always left behind.

  2. Oh, H.H.H.... You're my official new crush.

  3. uau! I'm a portuguese fan of your blog, even more now that you posted about Couto toothpaste :p I had no ideia it was known outside of Portugal. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ah now I'm having an irrepressible urge for a tipi...

  5. HH-
    I love your shopping lists with pictures and commentary. Always look forward to seeing them...
    Thanks, Reggie

  6. Unknown says:

    how cool! loving the frontier theme too!
    good luck with your shopping.

  7. Oh that teepee and those sheepskin gloves are to die for.