Prague/Berlin | ShakeIt Photo Evidence Pt. II

A stack of books at the library... (actually Matej Kren's amazing Idiom at the library)...

The shabby view from the Russian Embassy...(Port's leather tote is from those wonderful Bray Brothers at BillyKirk).

Wavy ships at the National Gallery's Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art in the functionalist Veletržní palác.


The barman at Olympia...

J.Crew schoolboy blazer and Hamilton 1883 shirt at Cukrkavalimonada...

Early Christmas...

Gratuitous glamour shot from the roof of the Dancing House after lunch at Celeste... (my sweater's from the boy/man side at Rugby, though it's not on the website right now).

Wall of booze at Lokal...

Cafe Indigo

Fonts at the library...

More from the National Gallery...

Existential dilemmas at Olympia...

Windmills on the way to Berlin.


  1. may i ask which camera you were using to shoot these photos?

  2. K says:

    Please tell me what boots Porter is wearing. Thanks!

  3. The boots are rubber jobbies from the French company Aigle! They saved her.

    And Michael, we just used our iPhones and the ShakeIt app that turns them into fake polaroids. A total gimmick, but I cannot stop!

  4. I am loving your posts on Prague and Berlin. Looks like a fabulous time. The photos are amazing!

    All I can say is that you and Porter are the most stylish gals I've ever seen! Beautiful and hip! You also have the best taste as you have me scrambling around the net looking at bags and shoes!! Lynn

  5. These photos are all so great... thank you for a ShakeIt peek into such a beautiful city!

  6. MR says:

    Love the 'ShakeIt' images

  7. {Tara} says:

    Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing...and your finds look fantastic!