Prague Acquisitions | 1940s Boys' Magazines

Throughout our lives, our parents waged an ongoing battle:  mom's love of buying and saving magazines vs. dad's love of throwing away magazines.  While on their honeymoon in Paris, mom stocked up on French mags (so much cheaper there!), dad became enraged and those newlyweds nearly severed the union a week in.  

Porter and I inherited our mom's magazine lust and have expanded the fetish into all printed matter.  And for vintage printed matter, Prague was nearly orgasmic.  Wonderful little used book shops are scattered all over town and we found treasures in each and every one we investigated.  Military themes and deco/Bauhaus fonts galore.

We picked up these great looking, politically incorrectish magazine/pamphlety things from 1947.  They seem to be a Czech version of something like Boys Life, with little DIY tips, news of the day and comics.  Interestingly the cover image above was one of many, many items about Native Americans we came across.  Must've been quite a hot topic back in the day.

These comic strips appeared on the back covers...


  1. Pitboss12 says:

    Nice stuff. I hope you have the proper archival supplies to ensure that they are around for another 50 yrs.