The Mad Men Verdict Is In!

Yep. That little photo of her in a Jackie do, smokin' away on the steps of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank with a pram full of blankets and ciggies did the job.  She won Banana Republic's Mad Men Casting Call and will have a little walk on role in an episode during season 4!  Thank you - sincerely - to all of you who voted and voted and campaigned for her.   Hello, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce!  So exciting!!!

Check out her interview on the AMC Mad Men Blog.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe it! I'm bouncing up and down in my chair. Get out!

  2. I know!!!! We're freakin' out, too! Thank you so much, Mrs. B!!!

  3. Unknown says:

    If Sterling Cooper Draper Price weren't enough, the return of Joanie wasn't enough, we now have to wait till next summer for Porter's walk on!? Seems so far away!

  4. Anonymous says:

    amazing!! congrats!!!

  5. CONGRATULATION, Porter! This is so deserved & such a treat! Can't wait to see her walk-on role...

  6. J. says:

    And all this time I thought Hollister Hovey and Porter Hovey were noms de plume. Congrats for Mad Men…and for having bad-ass names.

  7. Congrats! Too wonderful, I read the interview, what a cool thing to happen.
    Walk on dear!

  8. She truly deserves the role! The producers may very well realize their luck and cast her as Betty's new best friend...

  9. Ivy M. says:

    How cool.
    I walked by her that day, after a brunch at Diner, not knowing it was one of my followed bloggers in the flesh! I just thought, "Nerds." Then the original post about voting appeared on one of the Hovey blogs and blew my mind.

    Were you the photographer?

  10. Nice one! Can't wait for season 4.....

  11. I am so excited for you, it's ridiculous!! You so looked the part.

    I can't wait to see your behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot!!

  12. James says:

    Well done Porter!! Can't wait to see it.

  13. Woo Hoo!! That is insane! Congrats to Porter!

  14. LPC says:

    Yes!!!!! Good job. I mean, good job Mr. Weiner for figuring this all out correctly!

  15. Way to go Porter. This is only the beginning!

  16. so exciting!!!!!! yahoo!!!!!!

  17. I really just can't believe it! Thank you everyone sooo much for all your support. I'm still in so much shock!

  18. I'm so glad Porter won. When I saw that photo, I just had a feeling it was the winning one

  19. {Tara} says:

    That is incredible!! She deserves fun for her! Congrats!

  20. Kelly says:

    Ohh I'm soooo jealous but oh so happy you won!

  21. Muffy says:

    So excited! Cant wait to see her "big moment"!

  22. Lisa says:

    OMG!! There really is a Santa (with no Shepherd's Pie involved!) and he's come early!!!!! Congratulaions Porter (and Hollister for the photo) on a job well done!!!

  23. Yeah, The Star is born!, Glad to see her polaroids back too. la

  24. Anonymous says:

    How funny. I happened to see an entry about your win on Facebook, clicked on the link, saw the interview, recognized your name from one of my favorite blogs, and here I am! Many congratulations and can't wait to see Season 4!

  25. awesome!! I am so excited for her!! I actually jumped out of my chair!! yeah.
    Congratulations Porter!!!!


  26. You should both be on! The Hovey sisters rule!
    xo xo

  27. Magnificent! (And in full agreement with Visual Vamp.)

  28. hahaaa! congrats! that is pretty damn super.

  29. From the first moment I saw your photograph in the competition, I knew you would win. That single shot was so imbued with narrative, it couldn't miss. Well deserved.

  30. Stacey says:

    congrats! It was the obvious choice!

  31. Amazing! What an incredible opportunity!

  32. Unknown says:

    SO exciting!! Congrats Porter!!! xx

  33. Unknown says:

    SO exciting!! Congrats Porter!!! xx

  34. Wow--congrats to you both. Looking forward to the show anyway, but now especially.

  35. katiedid says:

    Nuh Uh!!! SO cool! But then you guys ARE so cool!

  36. So fantastic... can't wait and congrats!!!

  37. Rachel says:

    I knew she would win! Congratulations.........(I was in the contest too).............and I love your Praha pictures........I went there three years ago and fell in love...I really loved Charles Bridge.

  38. Unknown says:

    i am just thrilled to hear it. now i am dying to watch Mad Men next season. And i would also like to Congrats her.

  39. hannah says:

    really, how could she not is my question!!?? congratulations porter, so so exciting!!

  40. LPC says:

    Question: Can you update us/shamelessly sister promote when her time comes? I am being asked, when's she on:).

  41. Unknown says:

    Its really nice show. I have seen every single episode of this show and now I am very excited to Watch Mad Men TV Show. Its wonderful show.

  42. Anonymous says:

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  43. Anonymous says:

    Hello friends .... there is a good news for all TV fans Mad Men Season 5 is Coming In 2011!...Isn't it a good news.....!!!