Harvard-Yale 2009

At Washington & Lee, my college, major binge drinking was practically required on Fridays (as it is all all colleges).  That would've been fine if we didn't have to face the cruel rituals of Saturday morning: rise at the crack of dawn, throw on a sundress/pearls/seersucker suit/bowtie, perform legitimate grooming, hike up to the ruins in time to throw your hand around a plastic frat cup of Jack Daniels before the football game started, ignore the start of the football game, continue to drink Jack Daniels and then go back to the dorm to sleep.  Very. Tough. Stuff.  

I didn't expect such fanciness outside of the South, but I sort of figured that those Crimson kids and Bulldogs would put themselves through similar rigors and dust off the ole sport coats for The Game.  A few of 'em did - but mainly the Yalies. I've always had a particular affinity for Harvard - I went to summer school there and they have the world's best letter emblazoned on everything, but while Harvard ended up winning the game (in the last seconds), Yale won for style (and binge drinking talent).  Photo evidence follows:


Cornhole - The Other Game of the day

Our friend Caitlin bonds with a new friend over their love of circle sunglasses...

...more of the Other Game...

We made him show off his duck boots...

(Photos by Porter Hovey)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, awesome pics. What say you, how about Take Ivy Vol. II? Shame about Yale this time 'round...

  2. DAM says:

    The cup and red pants/blue bedale pic are sublime

  3. Sarah M says:

    The south does know how to tailgate in style -- I do miss it a lot! And Yale clearly wins. These pictures are great!

  4. Nicholas says:

    Is that a bedale? It looks quilted but it's hard to tell.

  5. dani says:

    Great photos- shows how different my days in the UC system truly were!

    I tagged you for a q & a. Hope you don't mind- i normally ignore those, but I figured it's kind of interesting to learn about other bloggers...

    it's here if you want to do it.

  6. Red pants guys' jacket was quilted! Looked pretty good.

  7. I was one of those Bulldogs (of the Southern variety). When I was in school we wore pantyhose under Navajo blanket wrap skirts, denim blouses and hammered silver jewelry. (Laughing at the thought of 10,000 girls dressed like a Ralph Lauren ad at a relatively rednecky event).

  8. Aisha says:

    And Harvard even beats Yale in style. I'm a total fan of your blog, and a current student- I should show you the underpinnings of style at Harvard :-) We're actually having another fashion event (cocktails and couture) soon- email me for details!

  9. It's definitely a Bedale. Got mine on right now. Check out my blog @ hiphopkins.blogspot.com

  10. Maia says:

    Ah, yes. We have Yalies in the family, and I kind of miss the scene...

  11. LUCY says:

    I love your friend Caitlin's sunglasses. Do you know where they're from?

    The girl in the Y sweater at the top is adorable too.

  12. mamacita says:

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  13. mamacita says:

    No raccoon coats? Too bad.

    Oh, my, BA, I remember that look (and its casual cousin, the denim shirt and black leggings).