Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Porter and I are staying local this year, working diligently to transform the loft into a Frontier Holiday dream land.   As part of the theme, we figured an updated H crest was in order, so I set to work with my watercolors.  19th century shotguns, it turns out, are quite easy to paint.  Pine sprigs are not.

May your bellies be full tomorrow and may the sales be grand on Black Friday!  Holiday gift guides and holiday decor photos to follow in the coming weeks! 


  1. I Love the "H" crest redesign!!!! You sure are good with the watercolors!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I am very impressed with your watercolor work Hollister and the layout works well. I suspect you could do this for letters A-Z and make some very nice themed monogram stationary cards. I would like a set of B ones as I am in need of some thank you cards!

  3. Oh, the gift guides are my favorites. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  4. DAM says:

    You did those yourself? HOLY Holister!

    You should be peddling those for the masses. Inspired.

  5. James says:

    Very nice work, your range of talent is amazing

  6. Thank you all! I could totally do a BillyKirk B, Chris/Kirk! Happy Happy!

  7. katiedid says:

    Talented talented talented! I am inspired now to get my Xmas Eve invites done.

  8. The crest is magnificent! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Let me know when you get to "V"
    xo xo

  10. jones says:

    Thank you for all of your wonderful posts over the past year. Love the buffalo!!! Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. C. Anne says:

    And 'H' for the Holidays as well, just in time! You've really made the animals lifelike, a very impressive crest!

  12. Amazing work, Hollister! I'm looking forward to the gift guides. You never disappoint!

  13. Love your site. As a HUGE history buff, I love that your "shotguns" are actually Model 1861 Springfields. GREAT detail!!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Unknown says:

    Your amazing watercolor graced the pages of Vivanista yesterday out of San Francisco..checkit it out:


    Thank you for the Daily Inspiration!

    Happy Holidays!