German Americana | Burg und Schild

As much as American guys love classic American workwear, the Berliners certainly don't hate it.  Red Wing boots galore there.  Burg und Schild was the first store we visited in Berlin and one of the coolest.  Bomber jackets, motorcycles, oodles of good man stuff.  (Photos by Porter Hovey)  

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 3 (in Mitte)
D-10178 Berlin


  1. I do exhibit installation work at a local museum... A recent exhibit from Germany was accompanied by 2 couriers from Berlin. Their first priority for shopping was a trip to the Red Wing store! Alas, they came away empty handed... the prices weren't any cheaper here, and the store didn't stock any of the hipper styles.

  2. C Leeuw says:

    Ach so! I've been trying to get this old pair of Red Wings from an old family friend for years, with no luck.

  3. very nice..looks like a cool place!

  4. Anonymous says:

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