Disptach from London/Royal Tunbridge Wells | Addiction Illustrated

Libras tend the be very aesthetically driven and being a very aesthetically-driven libra myself, I've always used this as a great excuse to continue my collections.  The need to surround myself with items of beauty is not greed or gluttony, it's simply what the stars had carved out for me.  The sun and the moon aligned in such a way that rabid pith helmet and velvet slipper consumption became my destiny.  My friend Steve, another libra, was born to live out a similar, yet much more pricey prophecy in London.  He simply cannot stop buying beautiful vintage sports cars.  He just added two to his collection, including this little all original 1970 XKE S2 Jag which he will use to drive himself to the Goodwood Revival. It's a hard life, Sven. Very hard.

(Get a load of that gear shift! My god. And the wooden steering wheel...and the perfect leather, etc. etc.).


  1. Anonymous says:

    Libras, too?? I thought Virgos were the only ones cosmically driven in their pursuit for the aesthetic ideal. Happy to know you are so afflicted!

    That jag is my dream car. And, your post reminds me to renew my obsession/desire to acquire it by any means possible.

    Does Steve, by any chance, need a girlfriend??

  2. LPC says:

    I can smell that car from here. Yumm. Is that because I am also a Libra?

  3. Unknown says:

    Trust me there is enough to go around in that car. The Taurus over here loves the rocker switches in the dash.


  4. Unknown says:

    Sigh....if only. I guess Geminis are relegated to buying old BMWs. Someday, Jaguar, someday.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As a Scorpio woman engaged to a Libra man, (and living in Royal Tunbridge Wells!) I can second (third? Fourth?) that Libras are attracted to classic, beautifully made cars. :)