Auctions | War + Peace

The folks over at The Magazine Antiques kindly asked me to guest blog this week, highlighting some of my favorite pieces that will hitting the auction block in the coming days.  Per usual, the result was utterly feminine and sweet.  In the end, I went with a Militaria-meets-Martinis theme - an apartment full of furnishings for a man who fights as hard as he drinks.  Not sure if a true alpha male fighter type would spend time drooling over Lalanne elephant candlesticks, but hey, they do look great.


  1. a great post and great to be asked to weigh in- I expect nothing less than inspired unusual selections. I would be happy with them- in a very manly womanly room. la

  2. Dear Hollister Hovey- You are a brilliant editor, regardless of gender. Your taste defies the narrow limitations of sex. Your picks for The Magazine Antiques are chic, captivating, and comprehensively 'Hollister Hovey'. Well done.