Polo: The Nomadic Tribe

Assouline is making it very difficult to avoid coffee table book splurges this fall.  Besides the wonderful look into the post-fire Deyrolle, they're taking us on a worldwide tour of Polo love in Polo: The Nomadic Tribe, the beautiful new book from photographer Aline Coquelle.  Here we get a peek of the sport of kings in Morocco.

Polo: The Nomadic Tribe, $120 from Assouline

Boots in Dubai




Snowy polo in the Alps

Legs and spurs in Argentina

Elephant polo in India


  1. Maia says:

    Yeah, I'll have a tough time resisting this one. We had a charismatic fishing guide in Argentina who was on the Argentine National Polo team. He was also extremely handsome and (oddly) rumored to be the progeny of The Sundance Kid. And so the legends go.

  2. jones says:

    Fantastic Photography...love those boots!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Polo in the snow?! Who knew?

  4. Ann says:

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