Map Quest: Boetti's Planisfero Politico at Sotheby's

Alighiero Boetti’s 1969 work, Planisfero Politico, goes on the block tomorrow as part of Sotheby’s London’s 20th Century Italian Art Sale (Lot 24). The following statements will be like a swift kick to the stomach of modern art lovers – but I wish my grade school art (or geography) teachers would’ve used Boetti as inspiration for a few mapping projects. Countries! Flags! The resulting projects would have made our parents so proud, without the £220,000 to £260,000 investment.


  1. Hollister - that is stunning, and would be an amazing school project. I'm showing my boys when they get home.

  2. those are really cool...start saving those pennies though haha

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  4. bauline says:

    i wonder what the dimensions of that map are, and how detailed the flags get. singapore on there? (and was singapore even a country yet?)

  5. The BBC blog of the brilliant documentary maker Alan Curtis has recently been concerned with Afghanistan in general and Boetti in particular. The links haven't worked too well so far, but perhaps this one will!

    And hopefully links to the two part story here and here.

    It's an intriguing story. I'd like to know more about Boetti's life and work.

  6. It's always amazing how maps can be seen as a type of art. I have maps up all over my room and find them to really bring more artistic merit to my room. Even though I put them up to see where places are in the world for school.

    -Zane of ontario honey