What a Difference a Soap Dish Makes

Going to Home Depot with no particular purpose is like going grocery shopping while ravenous.  Oh, I should pick up some Miracle Grow and dish soap...maybe some tile cleaner...wow, sparkling clean tiles would really look much better with this new faucet...and a white door...with green trim...and a new door knob.  

The door got its treatment the moment I arrived home on June 14...and then came the faucet.  It all seemed so simple -- if the old one would only come off.  Brute force, WD-40, AK-47s wouldn't loosen those plastic nuts holding it in place.   So, I re-hooked the water supply to the old faucet, claiming defeat.  No water.  Greater defeat!  So, instead of doing the recommended thing (calling a plumber), we've been using only hot water from the new chrome version, which flopped, jerry-rigged and forsaken on the left side of the sink for the past three months.  Until Saturday.  Perhaps it was the change of weather or just the cumulative effects of all the brute force, but the nuts popped off and opened the door to bathroom heaven.

Now the chrome/ceramic faucet is in place, spouting hot AND cold water.  It's joined by a soap dish and towel hook from Moon River Chattel, offering my hemp hand towels (also from Moon River Chattel) a nice home from which to hang.


  1. Laura says:

    Wow, you are quite the handy lady! Looks fabulous.

  2. Maia says:

    The soap dish makes me happy.

  3. LPC says:

    Ooh those ceramic handles. So fat and juicy.

  4. LOVE this pic! so old fashioned...absolutely charming

  5. Thank you all! It feels so nice to be in there now. It's like a microscopic spa. I tried to capture the entire space, but when you only have a foot to navigate, it's hard to, literally, get the full picture!

  6. DM says:


    next time...call me

  7. N says:

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  8. Courtney says:

    HOORAY for loose bolts!! Your sink is looking so good -- and even better that it's spouting both hot AND cold water.

  9. This soap dish reminds me of The Lively Set down in the Village...but I'm sure at a 10th of the price. kudos!

  10. Davenz says:

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