1. Anonymous says:

    Glad somebody else knows about this sport! The pictures to me evoke the time when there was a need for the Seven Sisters schools. The sport itself seems like it'd belong to the Birnbach book the masses never got.

  2. teaorwine says:

    Love, love, love Mad Men. But then again who doesn’t? As a young women growing up in Miami, I would head to the fronton with dates to watch jai-alai. It was inexpensive and bursting with action! Many in the stands would chant, Chula, Chula repeatedly. A Chula is the low and perfect shot similar to an ace in tennis, as it is nearly impossible to be returned by the opponent. Remarkable arrangement of photos here.

  3. During my fencing days at college there was a brief fad for the game. It made for a fast warm up (and very loooong practice following.)

  4. Maia says:

    Hah! I should've known this was coming after that last episode!

  5. Pitboss12 says:

    Great pictures. There was an episode of Dhani Tackles The Globe that featured this game. Very beautiful to watch very difficult to play...

  6. My very knowledgeable and very smug husband gave me a little mini lesson during Mad Men this week. I'd never heard of it...

  7. check out www.fronton.ning.com for more jai alai action. Our entire site is dedicated to this wonderful sport.

  8. Love this. I know it sounds so sexist of me, but I never considered Jai Alai to be a ladies sport too. Sans helmets!

  9. Davenz says:

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