Well Hung (Or in This Case, Parked) | Bike Rides at the Aldrich

Bicycle lover David Byrne (yeah, the David Byrne) has helped the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT pull together a slew of bikes - artsy ones, fast ones (Lance Armstrong's), tricked out ones and even rattan ones - for its Bike Rides exhibit which opens Sept. 26 and runs through Jan. 3.

Above: One bike from Brazilian artist Jarbas Lopes' AERIALBIKEWAY (Cicolviaerea) series, 2001-07


  1. Angmar says:

    Dear Hollister,
    I have published one of your photos in my blog. I hope it's all right with you. Please let me know otherwise.

    Take care,
    Miss Marang

    Ps. I adore your blog!

  2. nevin says:

    Brilliant Bicycle!

    Brilliant ART!!

    I just adore it..

  3. I've just moved to Hawaii and have never seen so much rattan congregated in one spot before- but that bike takes the cake.