Causes | Save La Ronda before Wrecking Balls Fly to Make Room for McMansion on Sept. 1

Addison Minzer's spectacular Romanesque, Venetian, Spanish and Italian-influenced masterwork on Philadelphia's Main Line will be razed to make room for a more modest 10,000 square foot, easier-to-air-condition McMansion if a new buyer doesn't step in by the end of the month.  Minzer helped shape the aesthetic of Palm Beach and other parts of Florida during the Gilded Age; La Ronda was his only commission north of the Mason Dixon -- and it's supposedly fully in tact.  No crumbling, no decay - it's just 4,000 square feet too big for a family that considers 10,000 square feet just right.

Check out Save La Ronda to ponder a major impulse purchase -- or just sign a petition to stop the wrecking balls.


  1. I can't tell you how much this situation pains me. Architect Design followed the situation faithfully a couple of months ago, and I still can't believe that the local powers-that-be went along with the new owners and allowed this desecration.

  2. Why didn't they just buy some tacky tract-mansion down the road, or better yet, across the river in Jersey? Who would tear something like this house down? Insanity!

  3. LPC says:

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  4. Oh my, can they be serious ? It looks so beautiful and very much what they call in Britain a "folly". Maybe it doesn't fit with the local architecture but somehow it encourages inquistive minds and makes for great folklore. It celebrates those great eccentrics in our midst.

  5. Susan says:

    BOOOO! Historic Preservation must prevail!