We're "New Antiquarians" in The New York Times!!!

It's not every day that you and your sister, two non-fencers, appear in The New York Times in fencing masks, holding vintage rifle cleaners (these items usually only come out after a few cocktails).  We and a few friends were lucky enough to be deemed the "New Antiquarians" for the Thursday Home section...and what fun it is.  Countless thanks to reporter Penelope Green for being so kind and writing such a wonderful story that explores all of our homes and collections - and even includes Taavo Somer, ROOT and our mom and dad.  Also, Michael Weschler, those are some great pics.


  1. DUSKIN says:

    congrats! looks great!

  2. That's wonderful, well deserved!

  3. Unknown says:

    Congratulations! Great article.

  4. bsdlr says:

    Well-timed article. Seeking advice as I work on my LES studio.

  5. i just got hit the home section and... POW!


    i love the piece, and the images gorgeous!

    stellar stuff!

  6. What a pleasant surprise to open the NY Times and see you two holding court!

  7. Those pictures are fantastic. Congratulations!

  8. Hollister and Porter - a great piece and the recognition is well-deserved - what fun!

  9. I came across it this morning and just about died it was so stunning! I blogged about it here www.theneotraditionalist.com. Bravo!!!

  10. i'm so excited! YAHOO!!!! the photos are INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  11. Well done, ladies! Terrific article.

  12. Congratulations! I'm so happy that they profiled your fab apartment!

  13. Thank you all so, so much! What a fun day!

  14. Fantastic--maybe Porter can fence with Don Draper.

  15. kadler says:

    You're famous! Loved the article :)

  16. Congratulations! The images are stunning, but it would take a pretty miserable photographer to make them look any other way.

    I think that Porter needs more than a walk-on.

  17. So exciting- Saw this article last night. Had just been singing your blog praises to friends yesterday.I think Porter could "illustrate" Gatsby with her fantastical fotography. la

  18. Annie says:

    Read the great NYT article, love your place and your blog...I just found you through Grant K. Gibson's blog list.

    Oh, and I voted for Porter over at "Mad Men", a show I've never seen because I rarely watch T.V. If Porter is on, maybe I'll watch.

  19. I just saw photos of this earlier- wanted to tell you how much I adore this! what wonderful style- how do you ever get anything done :) so much fun


  20. Unknown says:

    Do you know the Wagner Free Institute of Science in Philadelphia? You should! It's one of America's quirkiest museums—a nineteenth century natural science collection still displayed in nineteenth century curatorial style in a classic early nineteenth century building. Plenty of cases packed full of curious specimens with hand written labels and amazing juxtapositions.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations! Great article, amazing honor, well deserved.

  22. TWJ says:

    Wonderful article. The images are simply stunning, as well as the both of you.


  23. Francois says:

    Your New York Times article has inspired many bloggers:

  24. SO exciting and it's about time -- you guys are amazing and i'm glad the times finally caught up to you both. xoxoxo

  25. congrats are in order, dear beautiful Hoveys


  26. Just read the story in the NY Times. Very cool! Posted about it in my blog, and recommended your blog to my small audience of readers. :-)



  27. Leciawp says:

    Well deserved press; incredible photos!!! Wow!! Congrats!!!!

  28. The apartment looks fantastic! Congrats! Such fun!

  29. We are just thrilled by the story and all the wonderful responses!!!

  30. Fantastic photos. Congrats!

  31. Ginger says:

    Did you see that Porter is currently in the lead for the Mad Men contest?


  32. i just saw this on "cup of joe". u girls have tremendous taste. i love sisters who encourage each others style.

  33. LPC says:

    Congratulations. I love the way this is dovetailing with Porter on Mad Men...

  34. It's so fun! And she's still in first place (thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who've been promoting her campaign so sweetly!). I think this might be the first day she hasn't nearly sprained her finger refreshing the leader board.

  35. Congratulations mesdames on being NY Times tastemakers! Loved Porter's 'post partum apathy towards an imaginary child'.. Wish I'd said that.

  36. AJO says:

    Hi Hollister, Just saw your article in the NYT through Jezebel. I was like, wait, I know her....
    Congratulations! Very cool!

  37. So happy for you!
    Loved the story.
    I would be SO happy living in your place...could move right in and love it.

  38. your apartmentt is awesome!
    love the pictures

  39. . says:

    Fun to see you there! Not fun to know the secret is out :=(

  40. Marie says:

    Excellent article on The Times.
    Seems I recently read another
    article about you and your sister,
    but can't remember in what

  41. Suzy says:

    Fab - congrats to both of you, the photos are stunning! (and so is your apartment!)

  42. A fascinating, curious place you have. Love it!

  43. Kudos!- I actually went out and bought a hard copy- *gasp*

  44. Amazing apartment and great article, always love seeing like minded aesthetics.

  45. OMG! Congratualtions!!! well deserved. I'm waiting for the coffee table book. I suspect people will be talking about your apt. for years and years to come. Just wonderful.



  46. Penelope says:

    Congratulations, the article is wonderful! How nice to know there is a name for those of us who like our creepy, dusty old things!

  47. So, what I can't in the world figure out is how I've missed you. I must be living in a vacuum. I've got little taxidermy in my shop in Miami and NOBODY gets it. It was so refreshing to consider that I may not be crazy after all.
    Sometimes I go through all the wonderful design blogs that are all about cleanliness and minimalism and I begin to question my own aesthetic.
    LOVE your blog and CONGRATULATIONS on the fantastic article. I will certainly be subscribing.
    Olga (alhambraantiques.com)

  48. wow-you made my heart sing.

  49. Anonymous says:

    great article, loved it. congrats!

  50. bess says:

    Capital feature!

  51. Amazing! So glad I found you two...you're unique, supremely talented & so cool...love the blog too! Well done!

  52. it's thanks to this piece that I found your splendid blog!

    the photos are lovely.

  53. Congratulations ! this article is fantasctic and thanks to it I've discovred you !!

  54. I just found your blog from this article and WOW, I am just speechless. I love your style. This past weekend when we were in Austin, there were many items such as taxidermy, etc., all in the shops. I don't know if you ever come out to the Round Top/Warrenton Tx Antique Shows, but if you do, I'd love for you stop by. I'm set at Zapp Hall and carry similar items as you like. I'm adding your blog to mine.

  55. Anonymous says:

    We've been saving this article since July! My parents just sold their house in Brooklyn and my mother, who is an interior designer, has some antique and "old style" pieces to unload. For example, there is an antique Dietz kerosene parlor heater with isinglass (I can e-mail photos if you'd like). Would you be interested in stopping by this week to see them? Time's short before the move, but you're not too far away - you might even get a Thanksgiving cookie in the bargain! Please e-mail me at drjah68@aol.com.