Puppet Masters

Today's New York Times takes us beneath the incredible horse puppets created for the London production of "War Horse," a play about a poor boy who loves a horse that is sold to a British officer who rides it off to WWI battles.  The poor boy, shattered, enlists in hopes that he'll find his dear friend.  It's supposedly incredible and heart wrenching and full of never-before-seen puppet mastery.  It's expected to hit New York in 2011. Giddy up.

Photos by Simon Annand


  1. Anonymous says:

    That is absolutely the most realistic horse I have ever seen. And I grew up raising and showing horses, which does not make me an expert but does lend credence to my impressions. I am amazed! Thank you for introducing me to this. Ann

  2. HH=

    Thank you so much for including the video of WarHorse. The images in the NYT this morning were so compelling. Clearly it will come to Broadway.

    I just recommended that a friend who is leaving for London tomorrow BOOK tickets.

    Now I am thinking I should catch the next plane to London. Thank you, superb post

  3. seriously, this blew my mind.

    so much beauty. painfully so.

    gosh, i'm choked up.

    genius, hhh!