Pedaling Perfection

I had been riding my bike to Queens in the morning, but then some fellow rider left a sticky note on the seat saying something along the lines of: "Someone's gonna getyer pretty little bike if you don't learn to lock it up properly. I've been watching it all week and you're just asking for it to be stolen." I think it was meant in kindness or at least as a public service, but it read like an attack, something written out by a threatening bike villain with a disposition like the Wicked Witch of the West (a woman who certainly used her bicycle to pedal evil).  Fearing the depths of my bike locking inadequacies and the tendency of a stranger to eye my bike for a whole week, I now only ride it when I know I'll be able to watch it.  So much angst over a slightly rusted 1967 Raleigh folding bike that looks like something from the circus below me!  That said, riding this handmade beauty from Ateliers d’Embellie might give me a heart attack...but maybe that's why it comes with a flask.


  1. Geez.
    That note would cause me to look shifty eyed at every passerby.
    The Ateliers d’Embellie bike is a pure master piece.
    I've been bike browsing after ants nested inside my raleigh this summer. It still grosses me out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aewsome bike, but unless you live in a place where people are ethical and considerate of other people's property (i.e. not NYC), it wouldn't be feasible to drive around on it.

  3. Gawd, what a beautiful bike. How kind of the thief to warn you. Beauty overcomes evil.

  4. i love your bicycle...i have one similar in a really pretty green. why cant people just be nice? your description of the note and the tone was so creepy and it makes me sad. why are people lurking about just waiting to cause harm?? we just want to ride our bikes and have fun! x pam

  5. I live in NYC as heck with the bike...I want the flask.

  6. LOVE these photos. and such a creepy note, eeks!

  7. Mariele says:

    i'm gonna say they were trying to help. my bike was stolen this week and it was SAD. i wish someone had been watching out for it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Creepy note? Because? You are not in Kansas anymore. Unicorns don't gallop on grassy fields and brains don't grow on trees.

  9. Leon says:

    Nice ride! And I'm with you. It's incomprehensible that I would take someone else's bike, so why should anyone wish to take mine? Karma's no joke, right?

  10. opit says:

    I'm reminded of my youth. My next-door neigbour had a marriage breakup after his son and he were caught stashing stolen bicycles in his basement in the 1950's. The boy and I must have been about 6.
    And no - it wasn't NYC. A city of 100,000 in New Brunswick Canada - St. John.
    The note may have been creepy - but bicycle theft may best be gauged by the numbers unclaimed found at sheriff's sales ; lots.
    My bike ? Fat tires, gel seat and lots of gears : Wal Mart.

  11. Anonymous says:

    That note is hilarious. I think I would be a bit creeped out if someone had been "watching" my bike for a week.

  12. Mat Coes says:

    Please keep riding your bike, just learn to lock it properly.
    A short jaunt to the Bicycle Habitat on the LES for a chat with Hal (only Hal, please) will get you the supplies and know-how.

  13. this guys note was something that any fellow rider would do, who firstly knows how to lock up a bike and secondly not to leave a bike like that anywhere without one eye on it

    from a fellow fix rider in london

  14. eunice says:

    I've advised people to re lock their bikes. The person who left that note did you a huge favor.

  15. eunice says:

    I've advised people to re lock their bikes. The person who left that note did you a huge favor.

  16. Dean says:

    I'm confused. Was the note left on a "rusty 1967 raleigh folder" or the work of art in the photo ?