1. I just love your blog ! It's funny, it's stylish, it's the best!

  2. David says:

    The strangest aspect of these films is how apparently little British upper and middle class life has changed in the intervening years. We're still often seen to have fun in a bath.....Hmmm!

  3. ADG says:

    Outstanding! I've just spent the last hour on that site.



  4. I think it could eat up a lifetime!

    And the Brits do make bath tubs look quite entertaining. Here in America we use them for unintentionally chaste erectile dysfunction ads. It would be fine if man and woman we're in the same tub...but they get their own, like some cast iron version of twin beds. No need for Levitra with that set up. We're just puritans after all.

    Wow, how fast I digress...

  5. David says:

    You have ads. for erectile dysfunction? I was under the impression that US tv was too prudish for that sort of thing.

  6. There are hundreds. We're puritans yet we love our pharmaceuticals. And this is the imagery that's supposed to turn on our older citizens: http://media.schadenfreude.net/2009/01/cialis-tubs.png

    (oops - it's for Cialis, not Levitra).

  7. David says:

    Thank you for the link. I'm afraid I too was unable to muster an erection in the face of this provocative image - must help no end with sales of Cialis whatever that might be.

  8. Dear HH-

    This is a fantastic link! Especially for the royal family insight. Lots of royal family.

    The royal family films were 'press releases' of their day, and a new baby or engagement or wedding or death or visit from 'Nkrumah' or 'Diefenbaker" (all important in the Commonwealth pantheon), were a new photo op.

    Note that same voice-over intoning--'to all British people and people across the sea' and other such platitudes (the Commonwealth) as these films were used in cinemas as 'trailers' before the main film (there were no real trailers as I recall)...and they were the news! In New Zealand and Australia (and most likely in Canada and Kenya)--the national anthem (in that case, long ago, 'God Save the Queen'...was played at the beginning of a film screening, and the audience would rise in respect.
    No longer so (and national anthems are now actual national anthems).
    A royal wedding, corgis, the royal way of holding babies are all evident-- and how slender and well-dressed the crowds always looked and how groomed and elegant as they curtseyed in Westminster Abbey. Images of Princess M and Tony in the abbey (cameras in those days hidden behind columns) are delicious and chic.
    Thank you. In return--let me suggest that you do turn this once to YouTube and click on 'VISCONTI BIOGRAPHY' or something like--to find a series of segments of a film on Luchino (sp?) Visconti, the Italian film director, whose life was photogenic and whose films were fabulous.

  9. Great site, indeed! Thank you! I just watched Jackie water ski with John Glenn. British Pathé... could be another time suck - but worth it! Hmmm - Churchill on vacation, maybe I'll see him working on one of his fabu paintings! Thanks again...