Day Trippin' | Yale (the Revisit)

Porter and I developed a Saturday hankering for a taste of Europe, so we popped up to New Haven to revisit Yale's extraordinary neo-gothic environs.  We loved it when we first visited last year - and it's just as breathtaking the third time around (we popped up for pizza and beer at BAR at a couple weeks ago...and got stuck on the highway for two hours after an alleged tornado blew through Westchester and caused a semi to jackknife.  It was well worth it).

The atrium-style bus stops

The Yale University Art Gallery sculpture "garden"

Humorous stone work over the service entrance to the dining hall

One of Paul Mellon's many wonderful George Stubbs paintings ("Zebra," 1763) at the exceptional Yale Center for British Art
Remembering the Yale boys who went to war in the Commons

Details on Porter's outfit: Amish leather suspenders from ebay, boys' shirt from Rugby, tie from J.Press (purchased minutes before at the original location at 262 York Street), Equi Comfort riding pants from Dover Saddlery, shoes and bag, Prada.

Porter, hanging out in Commons Dining Hall, where Yalies eat like they're at Hogwarts.

Entrance to the New Haven City Burial Ground


  1. Maia says:

    I love Yale - my mum studied art there while I was in college. Many a good memory.

    Great outfit, btw - the suspenders and sunglasses are wonderful. I also like to repurpose Dover Saddlery for street clothes ;)

  2. The zebra! YES, please!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky --- duck!! Pizza (Ah-beets - as they say). Like heaven.

    Lookin good all around. Glad you had a nice trip.

  4. that was fun trip!

    i could not love george stubbs more. that zebra!

    genius post as always, hhh.

    porter looks gorgeous.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love all your Yale shots! Plus I'm particularly fond of the one of Porter in front of the Scroll & Key tomb, I'm a huge fan of secret societies.

  6. Sarah says:

    These are great shots! I chuckle at seeing such a beautiful rendition of Commons, where I would go to eat only when desperate, wearing sweats and a sweatshirt and filing among hordes of athletes gathering for their daily group meal.

  7. Marie says:

    Great outfit and I tres cool lighting fixture.

  8. hstryk says:

    Thanks for showing people why I love my city! The Elm City gets a bad rep most of the time. I was happy to move to a city that reminded me so much of Oxford.

  9. It's just lovely. And it really does put you in the mood to read and learn and wear proper clothes!

  10. I love these shots! As someone who is constantly looking for a great salon in Brooklyn, can you divulge who cuts your hair?

  11. We both go to Commune. It's wonderful - and the hair washing experience is like nothing else I've ever felt.

    191 Grand St
    Brooklyn, NY 11211-4209
    (718) 384-7412

  12. I would ask for Sheho -- she's amazing!! I've been going for now 3 years!!