Calling All Readers | The Mad Men Walk-on War!!

AMC and Banana Republic are holding a cyber casting call for a walk-on role on Mad Men -- and Porter rabidly wants to win.  We got her all gussied up and pushed that pram all the way down Bedford Ave. so she could display postpartum apathy towards an imaginary child.  This was our second favorite shot.  Click here to see the "winner" (in our minds) and vote!

(Update - as of 2:41 ET on Monday, she's in second place! Amazing!!!! Thank you all so much!  Keep on clickin'!)


  1. Yay!! Please keep voting and keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Porter is CLEARLY the top candidate, and at the very least gets an A+ for effort! It was funny looking through the contestant photos-- didn't anyone read the instructions/get the concept of the contest? Porter nailed it!

  3. jezebel says:

    Vote cast. Only my lack of cable will prevent me from seeing P.H. on M.M.

  4. Got Porter covered on my blog.

    GO PORTER! You look fab!

  5. Wow! Thank you all so much!!! I would just die!!

  6. Voted... and agree with Paul Baxendale. Porter is CLEARLY the best. This is too much fun! Good luck Porter -- fingers AND toes crossed!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well, if the leader board is any indication, Porter is currently ahead of everyone! I hope she wins.
    This is my first comment to your site, btw. Not for lack of interest, but simply because I find myself more often just nodding my head in agreement and enjoying the photos and links you post. Your aesthetic is tremendous, and I've been a subscriber for a while.

  8. Tanya says:

    And of course... I fudged the first comment! That first link won't take you anywhere. Sometimes, technology just doesn't agree with me.

  9. yay, what fun! off to vote for porter!!!

  10. I just added her to my blog as well, hope Porter wins it would be great fun to see her on Mad Men!
    yay for Porter

  11. Callie!

    That was just soo nice!! Thank you so much!!!

  12. Pitboss12 says:

    All I can say is wow. Porter looks great and the competition isn't even trying. It's so sad to see men in oversized suits thinking they look good.

  13. Pitboss12 says:

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  14. Anonymous says:

    i voted.
    good luck!

  15. I also promoted this for you on my blog. Best of luck, Porter!

  16. i agree with paul b.

    porter nailed it!

    oh, and of course, i've voted!

  17. You all are so wonderful! Thank you so much!!!

  18. {Tara} says:

    5 stars!! Fantastic!

  19. All of the other candidates look a little sad next to Porter. I'm going to borrow my friend's Iphone so can vote again.

  20. As others have already stated, Porter's photo/entry should be the winner, as she seems to be the only contestant to have read the rules. I found it very funny that other contestants think that they could win simply by putting on a tie, one that isn't even related to the era.

  21. Wow! Thank you so much for voting!! Keep up the great work!!! I'm so excited!! YAY!!!

  22. LPC says:

    Still winning! I will post too.

  23. Porter,
    I would expect them to beg you for an appearance. If for some reason it doesn't work out I vow to take my tele out back and riddle it with buckshot( on video.)

    That said, best of luck. I am a huge fan of you and your sister. Should you have the opportunity to visit AK you are both welcome.

  24. kadler says:

    Haha, I totally voted! Good luck!

  25. JMW says:

    I'll definitely cast a vote for Porter.

    BTW, I've enjoyed reading your blog for a while and then saw the article in today's Times. Congrats!

  26. Clarity says:

    MY sister adores that show, criticises the second season but still watches. Your sister looks chic!

  27. I think this guy should win: