Back to Your Root

Back in the day, root beer floats had a helluva lot more kick. From the 1700s on, Root Tea (as it was called) came heavy in spirit. But then the Temperance Movement rolled into town and a pharmacist in Philly removed the booze and ironically called it beer. 

The folks who gave us Hendrick's Gin are returning to the roots of root beer via their unit Art in the Age (of Mechanical Reproduction). They're now pumping out the "first true American Liqueur in nearly 100 years" - 80 proof ROOT. It's all organic - and damned tasty (just like the more innocent stuff you're used to). It's still only available in Pennsylvania liquor stores and online in 28 states.


  1. Laura says:

    Now this is a revival that I can get behind. Root beer is just about my favorite drink, and now in the adult version!

  2. Leciawp says:

    I can't wait to try! I had no idea of the history; I've always loved root beer.

  3. {Tara} says:

    I'm dying to try this. But, speaking of prohibition, you still cannot order alcohol online in my state [OK]. I will have to remember to check out next time I travel to Penn.

  4. That's just wild, Tara! So many state laws are such anachronisms. Virginia was particularly in touch when I lived there. All non-missionary positioned sex was illegal - and when the rest of the US (except South Carolina, I think) was celebrating Martin Luther King Day, we got to rally around Lee-Jackson-King Day. Confederate Generals + Civil Rights Leader. Amazing.

  5. i think i need to add a bottle of this to my bar!
    sounds mighty tasty!!

  6. Oh, I will be heading to PA very soon...

    (can't order alcohol online to Delaware or mail it here either)

  7. I drink so much root beer that my boyfriend and I have thought of writing a blog devoted entirely to the elixir! I will have to watch out for this one! However, I'm out of Atlanta...the state of Georgia is so archaic that one cannot purchase alcohol on Sundays- afraid I, too, must wait on a trip to Philly!

  8. Jonathan says:

    i feel duped. i read in the new york times article that you were sent this stuff by a marketing company.

    a little disclosure wouldn't hurt, would it?

  9. Anonymous says:

    And I grew up in peeA (as I still bitterly call it) and never knew this! Root beer with a kick - I love it. Too bad I now live in Australia; it'll probably be a while before it gets here. Which is sad ... "root" down here has a whole 'nuther meaning; it'd sell like hotcakes.