Adventures | Westhampton

Growing up, we spent all of our July 4ths at our Grandpa Pete's house in Lincoln, Nebraska. Amazing fireworks over a lake, sparklers, BBQ, the all-American works.  But I've been an erratic patriot during my New York years.  The first year we lived in Brooklyn, roughly 1,000+ people filled our rooftop and one neighbor picked up an $18,000 fine (quite fun).  The next year, I stayed home, noticed the booms, but didn't bother to leave the couch (quite pathetic).  This year, one of our dear friends invited us out to the Westhampton beach house her parents rented for July.  Talk about an upgrade!  Some photo evidence of this sinfully amazing treat...  
The view from one of the front balconies...

...the view down to the pool...

...the view from the back.

Photos by Porter Hovey


  1. what a beautiful place!!! Glad to see that you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Looks like a perfect place for a vacation!

  3. Swoon! Looks like something from Beach Houses by Andrew Geller.