This incredible silent film depicts a 1926 oil lease signing between the Blackfoot Indians and Fulton Petroleum at the Blackfoot camp in Browning, Montana.  The woman who posted this on YouTube found the original 16mm footage in her grandma's cousin's attic.  


  1. amazing.. love the face of the indian guy they showed a close up of

  2. Who can name the structure at 2:10? I guessed and got my guess confirmed by someone w/ direct knowledge. She's going to post on this clip (tomorrow?) - I'll point folks to the post when it's up. Thanks Hollister - amazing and an amazing connection.

  3. mary says:

    Thank you! Such dignity shown in the Blackfoot chiefs.

  4. Fascinating! thanks for sharing...

  5. Elyse says:

    Wow!! What a find!

    My boyfriend is about 1/16th Blackfoot...he will really appreciate seeing this. <3

  6. As promised, more info from Prairie Mary here.

    I guessed, and Mary believes, that the enclosure at 2:10 is a Sun Dance Lodge.

  7. treeleaf8 says:

    I'm the original poster of the Fulton Petroleum video clip (and I'm a she not a he). I'm so thrilled to find others who also thought this was an amazing video clip. I looked through probably 30 hours of smelly moldy mislabelled family and other film looking for my family members. I probably came up with a total of 2 minutes of my great-grandfather and my relatives only comment was "where's the sound?"
    Thanks to everyone for identifying what's going on in the film and who is who. I had no knowledge of anything I was viewing outside the titles in the film.

  8. That is just so amazing! What a treasure! And what patience to go through all that old film. Well worth it, I think!