Natural Protection

The future, if Star Wars is to be believed, will be as much organic fibers as it is plastic and chome.  We need a few naturey bits to keep us down to earth when computers run our lives. This should help the initiative.  A $30 grass "folder" from ABC Carpet & Home. It works so nicely as an iBook sleeve.  


  1. Absolute perfection.
    My black iBook craves it ... .


  2. k says:

    in the future they will view our liberal use of petrochemicals with horror, as all of the items made with petroleum will still be around. By then, biodegradable plastics made from natural plant oils will be the norm.

  3. mary says:

    I love more (i.e., limited plastics). This is so easy on your eyes, skin, and wallet and so beautiful.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice, Ive been on the lookout for some type of Safari'ish laptop bag. The basic blac nerd bag just isnt cutting it anymore.

    -William B. Evans

  5. melissa says:

    Love that! So chic.