Green Mould(ing)

After an initial round of peach (I always try peach and then, facing utter regret, decide on something much more feminine - like black), I went with Behr "Scallion" for the bathroom moulding.  Inside view with subway tiles pending proper faucet installation (estimated to occur in Nov. 2013 at this rate).  The door is one of those cheap hollow jobs, but I added a fairly substantial chrome knob to create the illusion that it's more than cardboard separating you (as the bathroom visitor) from Porter's bedroom (or vice versa, if we're being mindful of Porter). 

(Other items include: Watercolor portrait of me around age 1; mom's bamboo rack; bangle collection; Ralph Lauren towels).


  1. nicolette says:

    the green is nice, but the black is truly stunning! i want to paint, but afraid to, can i please visit you for insipriation?

  2. mary says:

    I love the green..different and not quite expected. Together with the RL towels, it is pure British. Good luck with the faucet---sometimes crying does help.

  3. jezebel says:

    Me too, on the peach front. There has to be an answer, but what is it?!

  4. Ginger says:

    The trick with those hollow core doors is to add a little trompe l'oeil texture with some moulding in a single large, or a couple of smaller rectangles, attached with mounting tape (I like 3M VHB tape because it lasts even with the steam of a shower). Get a small saw and a mitre box to make the angled corners, and either paint it the color of your other moulding or that of the door and you've got something that at least looks a little more substantial.

  5. The tape is such a brilliant idea! We did this in our house growing up, but just nailed it in. A renter's dream tip!

  6. Ginger says:

    Glad to help! Good luck!

  7. I love color and you really have an eye for it..this muted green with the white (ivory?) of your walls is very classic. I'm not sure in which post I saw another door in your home, but I thought the mauve and(what appeared to be) minty aquamarine with gold lettering combination was a genius color scheme!

    Your best posts always involve your own home and the 'aqusitions' that are a part of it.

  8. love the green moulding.

    ps the watercolour portrait is a beauty. i LOVE/am obsessed with its frame.

  9. Unknown says:

    The moulding looks great! I think "scallion" is a very well-suited color to go with the wall color. I love the idea of trying different colors for trim. It seems that everyone does white or cream white! I'm thinking of changing the trim in my house. Thank you for the inspiration!