Field Trip

I spent the last four days in Chicago with 15,000 gastroenterologists and surgeons at Digestive Disease Week. One morning before all the utterly serious talk of guts and BMs commenced, I popped over to the Field Museum to see their collection of spectacular animals that haven't pooped in decades.  My own taxidermy habit clearly has a long, long, long way to go.

This guy, a Russian native, had a big nose so he could warm up his air before it hit his lungs.


  1. your blog is really special, and i love it!

  2. in my next life i will be a diorama maker!
    for now i'll just seal feathers in test tubes.

  3. So Funny and beautiful images to accompany the laughs. thanks. LA

  4. Fantastic! You captured some of my favorites - the saiga, a tragopan and a tahr (in the last photo - I think). Thanks.

    Alyssa - some of the mounts at the Field - perhaps some of dioramas too - and many of the dioramas at the AMNH were done by the same person - Carl Akeley - a taxidermidiety. He's buried in Africa, close to the site he used as a basis for the gorilla diorama at the AMNH. He did things right - I like orchids and can ID one of the orchids in the gorilla diorama down to genus. If I weren't a dilettante, I'm sure getting to species would not be a struggle. Build dioramas in this life! Go small - bug dramas, shrews on the warpath - it'll be fun.

  5. * THIS was DEFINITELY a "special" posting for me to enjoy~~~~ I loved every pic, every animal, everyTHING! THANK YOU sooooo much for sharing some of His most magnificent creatures!

    Linda in AZ *

  6. Stephanie says:

    You should see this collection of a guy out here in portland, or. He has an amazing display of animals he has shot with a long bow, a type of bow and arrow that is the most difficult way to hunt, hands down. We call him the great white hunter..... He lives half year in s. africa these days, but his collection is from all over the world.... You've never seen so many animals in one house in your life.

  7. Stephanie,

    Do you know his name? Sounds amazing!

  8. Chris says:

    Love this post and LOVE the Field! Did you see the Lions of Tsavo? The Hollywood versions were pretty...but the actual mounts are so eerie. They were used as rugs for many years before being mounted.

  9. We too just made a trip to the museum! After you look at the animals long enough you start to think they're going to come alive.

    I ran across this Flickr site a few weeks ago so you might enjoy!

    I like the walrus!