Acquisitions | The Taxidermy Swan Song

I honestly thought the last round was the end of it. No more, I told myself on Friday. Things have gotten out of hand. I did promise my friend Ryan I'd wake up early and hit the flea market with him - just to look! - (he and his friends are opening a bespoke tailor shop around the corner from Freeman's and he needs decor).  But it poured rain.  Saved from temptation! But then he called....  

"Get to Bushwick."  

Porter and I got there.  A stylist was selling his loot and damn, was it treasure.  Ryan picked up two taxidermied albino peacocks, three more generic turquoise peacocks (you know, the kind everyone has hanging around the house) and loads of other ephemera.  All for pennies.  I got the taxidermied swans.  Only $80 for the pair.  They once graced the window of a fancy store on Fifth Ave., positioned as if they were trying to poke each other's eyes out. Now they're flying slightly friendlier skies (albeit ones that are difficult to photograph -- it looks much better in real life, almost delicate juxtaposed with the flowers). I think this really has to be my last taxidermy purchase (although there is an empty space by the "office" - hum).

That wasn't all though.  We got this old sword...

and this vintage suit form (that almost caused a rumble)...

and this Austrian Victoria Blue Bird Box from Barneys (at one time).  


  1. jezebel says:

    Shut up. My man recently got a swan tattoo, so they've been on my brain even more than usual. I suppose your swans are one positive side effect of this hard rain.

  2. Shay says:

    I love the stories behind your acquisitions. So much fun.

  3. Pitboss12 says:

    I want to hear more about the rumble that almost went down!

  4. Is any taxidermy left?????? Oh, please tell me.

  5. AAL - we totally cleaned the guy out. Ryan even went back for hours in the afternoon to pick through the remains.

    As to the rumble...a woman there had been eyeing the form, but in complete passive silence. Not a peep about wanting it; no claims staked. But when I told the guy I'd take it, she had a small - yet generally polite - panic attack. Then I left ear shot. She supposedly lost it, swearing, calling me all names in the book.

    Earlier, Porter and I had looked at a beautifully shabby embroidered Chinese silk screen that had faded from red to pink. We were considering it, but then the guy brought out the rest of the panels which were in great shape and still red - too red for our apartment. We told him we'd pass. (Utter restraint in action!)

    I guess she was out of her earshot for that part, because she ended up buying them in vengeance, just to keep them from me.

  6. I think the swans look fabulous, actually. And it is perfectly clear that you needed those things. The sword is particularly handy.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree, Mrs. B!

  8. mary says:

    your swans have found their home - perfect for you. your flea markets make me pine for some eccentricity in my life

  9. mary says:

    The swans are fantastic, but I love that Venetian mirror.

  10. how fun....only in nyc....

  11. Anonymous says:

    Leda for Halloween perhaps?
    eeeewwwww, you & your sib can go as Siamese Leda...


    i will now invite myself over to your apartment.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have been lusting for a taxidermy peacock (blue) for ages and your friend picks up 'how many' for pennies!!!! Is he perhaps going to ebay those he doesn't want to keep?

  14. $80 for the pair?!?!?! i'm SO jealous ; ) they're extraordinary.

    i've been using your blog to try to convince / convert / and browbeat my partner into seeing the beauty of taxidermy. so far he's sticking with his james mont meets maarten baas world view.

    ps i'm making progress though! thanks, hhh!

  15. There is an empty space in my heart. I never felt it until I saw those birds.
    My parents used to have a "norm" taxidermy teal peacock. He disappeared when our house was flooded. I forgot about him till now. Gah.

    What a wonderful acquisition.

  16. I agree a peacock would be a great addition. Any idea where one could find a taxidermied peacock?