Acquisitions | Rope, Bag, Gloves, Room Spray

{1} Rope from Home Depot to wrap around my banisters, {2} New-to-me Prada purse acquired at the great consignment shop INA on the walk home Wednesday, {3} Diptyque Choisya room spray (among many items) acquired at yesterday's sample sale at steep discounts, {4} New gloves! Gauntlet gloves for my Dances with Wolves days and the driving and crochet versions for all activities but driving. All from 

(Changing the title of this series to Gluttony very, very soon).


  1. Mary says:

    LOVE the Prada bag! Also love the "Dances With Wolves Days" remark - because I think life should be fun.....I stopped watching "What Not To Wear" when they made a girl throw away all her "costumes". "Life is not a game of dress-up" they said --OH YEAH - is too !! Way more fun that way.

  2. No regrets - each purchase is well worth dipping a toe in a deadly sin or two.

  3. When I read the title of the post I instantly thought, "Oh, my, Hollister has become a cat burglar" (though the room scent caught me off guard—perhaps cat burglar who leaves a pleasant waft of evidence behind?). I covet that bag. And much else too.

  4. fckng A what great scores.
    So yummy.

  5. jezebel says:

    I love that you've slipped your HH monogram into the tag on your new-old bag. Details, details, oh, how I love a bit o' myopic thinking!

  6. {Tara} says:

    That Prada bag is amazing!! Is that textured leather?? Looks incredible!

  7. I can't believe I encouraged your spending by telling you about the Diptyque sale! I am going to have to be more careful in the future ;-) I really love the purse though. I might have to make a visit to Ina this weekend!

  8. Tara - it's actually "quilted" like that. How cool, right? And HC - you're very, very bad! But so great. My house will smell like Christmas and Mexico all year round! :)

  9. I am currently in the middle of wrapping an unsightly radiator pipe in my kitchen with rope and found that Jamali on 28th St. has the best assortment. They have the very traditional, thick, nautical style rope that is quite aesthetically pleasing and tough to find.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous bag love the "new to me" and I agree with the stop watching "what not to wear"they are hideous .I prefer to live life like Litte Edie and say things like"this is the best costume for the day"brilliant

  11. M says:

    I soooo want that bag!!! you always seem to ind the greatest things

  12. Ulla says:

    wow, great stuff. love it