Quicker Wicker

The 1920s German Hanomag 'Korbwagen' offered speedsters a wallet-friendly alternative to the all-steel model known as the 'Kommissbrot' (which is pretty damned great looking, as well). Detroit, take note: While wicker construction may allow for unsightly things to happen to crash test tummies, it would help hybrids look exponentially more attractive - and green. 


  1. Perfect for the beach! I will have mine in the lightest shade of pink with bicycle rack and flower basket.

  2. I want this. Very much. With matching googles. And a spiffy picnic basket.

  3. Great looking.Surely there are a few moving around out there even now. What a unique car and find and too true about its being inspirational. G

  4. My husband once said (accusingly) that my answer for most decorating problems is "wicker". Wait until I show him this. Thanks!

  5. abigail says:

    just found, and fell in love with your blog.

  6. Quail says:

    I absolutely adore it!