HHH Shopping Guide: Beach

Maybe it's because I grew up in Kansas, but I've never been a big fan of the beach. We always seemed to go when the jelly fish came to shore and no matter how hard I'd try, the sand always snuck itself into the most precarious zones (I watch From Here to Eternity and think of nothing but all that chaffing and the potential havoc one tiny misplaced grain of sand could wreak). That said, if I was forced towards the sun and sand, I might bring this stuff with me (it would take so long to get it all out there, that I'd barely have time to worry about a sunburn or getting salt water in my mouth):

{1} (A cruel inclusion) Out-of-stock Ralph Lauren aviators with wooden detailing;  {2} Straw Tote, Belongings.com, $48;  {3} Parasol, The Urban Garden, GBP 175; {4} Ikat Pillow, Pier 1 Imports, $17.21;  {5} La Perla Stone Detail Bikini, Net-a-Porter.com, $545;  {6} Payu Armchair, Pier 1 Imports, $299.95;  {7} Fieldcrest Luxury Mosaic Beach Towel, Target, $19.99;  {8} Elephant Table, Pier 1 Imports, $99.95;  Bonus item: Snickers*

* Our mom would always pack a few teeth-destroying frozen Snickers in the cooler when we'd go to the pool. At age three, Porter accidentally dropped hers into the deep end. Not wanting to waste candy, she ripped off her water wings and went in for the rescue.  A panic ensued as she sank like a little pink-and-white-striped stone to the bottom.  


  1. Skip the sun and sand-- your collection looks perfect for a swanky backyard picnic.

  2. I think I love the beach just because I was raised in the midwest. But I adore each and every Hovey sister story. Poor Porter.

  3. it looks like a perfect photo shoot.
    lots of sunscreen, luckily you will have no wrinkles and perfect skin!

  4. k says:

    please post bikini pics
    your (straight) male readers ;)

  5. Will says:

    What other blog would suggest lugging a white wicker elephant to the beach?

  6. cool/handsome elephant table. LOVE it!

  7. ...or a gigantic wicker chair. This is all maybe more appropriate for the infinity pool OVERLOOKING the ocean right outside one's beach house.

  8. mary says:

    I'm definitely not a beach/sun person either (but I live in So. Calif.???), but I definitely want all of those beach items for my back yard safari--especially the umbrella and the elephant. Have a great week!

  9. My Husband is from Douglass, outside Witchita and adores the beach as well as him family. Secondly, that umbrella is so gorgeous... I need a blig black hat and huge sunglasses...

  10. LPC says:

    Ya need a hat too, for that long walk to the snack bar and back:).

  11. grace hong says:

    snickers is the greatest.
    sandy snickers not so great but do-able.

  12. Turling says:

    Born and raised in Huntington Beach, Ca. When I do (rarely) go to the beach, I'm the pasty guy dressed in linen, under a canopy, wearing a panama hat, sipping a gin and tonic. Must be my British roots.

  13. LPC says:

    OK your blog is doing something really weird to my Google reader. I can't mark all as read. And when I have read your post, it keeps showing up unread. Do you have gremlins?

  14. Unknown says:

    i'm not much of a beach person either - even though my mom always took us when we were younger!! i'm so pale anyway, so it's for the best!

    your story about the sinking Snickers bar is too funny!!