Ebay Shopping | Motoring Picnic Basket

And for those who choose to spend Memorial Day picnicking with a lover who drives a really great old car...(with just two butter knives, you'll have to feed each other by hand - or ask that lonely hobo boy next to you if you can borrow his spoon/knife/cork screw thingy).

Bids for this old 1910s Drew & Sons (Piccadilly, London) cloth and leather motoring picnic set sit at about $225. (That flask is calling to me!)

If you're into the more traditional variety that actually still have plates and full sets of utensils, check out this batch of greatness.


  1. jon says:

    One thing I've been conditioned to do is once I've found something exceptional, I check the ebay seller's store.

    This man has some other wonderful items worth seeing.

  2. Le sigh.... I want the basket and the lover in the fast car... are those available on ebay yet?

  3. mary says:

    To the person who wins this ebay picnic set....please do not ruin it by substituting plastic...go all the way and honor its age with sterling and cut crystal.

  4. katiedid says:

    I covet this. I really do.

  5. Maia says:

    Perfection. This one reminds me of my parents in their early years together, when they road tripped across the Colorado Rockies and the Desert Southwest in an MGA, ground-camping and picnicking as they went. I still can't figure out how the packed camping gear, food and clothing into that MGA, but it's wicked-cool that they did.