Bedroom | The Spring/Summer Conversion

After countless months and promises to myself unkept, I've finally hung my soldiers (and replaced my little side dresser with a canvas safari-ish chair and an industrial lamp) -- but that's made everything way too beige. So, no projects being simple, I'll just have to paint (likely green!).


  1. It's terrif - can't wait to see if you change the color.

  2. i love those soldiers. i wanted those soldiers for myself ;(

    the room looks fantastic. i think the pairing of the chair with the industrial lamp is brilliant/inspired. green's great!

  3. It's a wonder you are not an interior designer. I mean an interior designer with a client list a mile long. Superb!

  4. i just love your blog... so amazing... thank you for continuing to inspire all of us... have a nice week... pam

  5. Anonymous says:

    What about the color of the inside of an old military/campaign tent with the sun shining through?

  6. In an ideal fantasy world, I'd actually hang canvas around the whole thing so it would /really/ seem like being in a tent. Tee Faircloth and crew have done this at F.M. Allen and it's amazing. But the ceilings are about 20 feet tall and I can't imagine the expense (and how I'd fit scaffolding in to hang it)!

  7. mary says:

    This room is great. The soldiers are wonderful, but so is everything else! What shade of green are you thinking of? What a wonderful space to awaken in.

  8. There was actually an amazing Glidden shade called "Jealousy." That cannot be good for bedroom karma!

  9. Oooh...yes! I adore green these days! I once saw a room wallpapered with green velvet and have been obsessed ever since.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Instead of paint I see vintage wall paper of 19th century pugilists on at least one wall.

  11. If you are going for green, then go for a classic and too-little-seen shade that used to be called arsenic green. It's rather like the green beloved by Madeleine Castaing.

  12. suzanne nelson says:

    You have some beautiful artefacts but those walls are crying out for colour - maybe it's only my ears that can hear them ? I'm sure you're familiar with Farrow&Ball paints ( they also produce a wallpaper called 'Tented Stripe'...when i lived in London i painted my whole apartment with paints from Papers&Paints in Chelsea (, they will ship to the US. You can order a set of their hand-painted colour cards of their own range of 64 paints based on colours used by decorators 150-300 years ago.

  13. k says:

    check out this paint brand. zero voc's and better for your air quality

  14. damn, holl, you have great taste.

  15. that bed is great. i have a victorian French wrought iron bed, painted black, but nowhere near as nice as yours.

  16. As Suzanne Nelson has said, Papers and Paints can ship paint to the US. They have one of the widest ranges of colours anywhere and are the experts. Keep an eye on their blog and they are also on Twitter - paperspaints.