Aesthetic Perfection Campaign | Best of Schotten

More follow up on the Aesthetic Perfection Campaign, these are some of my favorites from Manfred Schotten's sporty shop. Add stripes to a car - you'll ruin it; add them to a luxury bag, you'll make it marvelous. The first Gladstone I've seen with these spectacular accoutrements.  The tasteful "BWM" was Bertram Wagstaff Mills (August 1873 – April 16, 1938), a British circus owner whose circus became famous in the UK for its Christmas shows at Olympia in West London. His troop were the last to perform with live animals on the Drury Lane Theatre stage. (Sold - grrrrr).

A circa 1900 cast iron umbrella/stick stand. GBP 2600.

Roe Deer head mount, shot in Siberian, Chinese Turkestan in 1907; taxidermied by Rowland Ward.  Lt. Col J. W. Price, Henley Hall of Ludlow exhibited it at the international Big Game Exhibition in Berlin 1937. It still bears its gold medal with pride. GBP 895.

1930s ski boots. GBP 145.


  1. Aww, I don't think adding stripes to a car would necessarily ruin, sometimes I think it can kind of be cute, say on a Mini Cooper. Although to be completely truthful, I don't think I'd ever do it...

  2. Pam says:

    I'm so glad you loved everything-I knew you would! Maybe you should plan a trip to England to visit the shops someday, but plan on shipping a container of goodies home. We are eagerly waiting for the Paragon chairs, lion's head mount and other treasures to arive stateside.

  3. Hello,
    Just found your blog and is it creepy to say that I love it?!

    I had recently gone to Essaouira, Morocco and we stayed a delightful guesthouse brimming with Colonial & Oriental antiques. The place is called Villa de l'O. Its owner, Celine Colliere, had turned me into a fan of antiques and vintage objets d'art! (I have posts on my blog...just search archive for Essaouira, if you'd like to see them).

    Looking forward to foraging your blog,
    Jen Laceda of Folie a Deux

  4. Matt Fox says:

    The Oxford photo is amazing. Very dandy!