Acquisitions | Booze, Jugs, Press, Tar and a Fan

I used to say it cost $20 to leave the house in New York (and that's a cheapo estimate).  Back during my reporter days, I lived on the Upper East Side and worked in Jersey City.  Just getting there cost fortunes.  Pre-911, it meant Subway ride to Fulton Street ($2); a walk past (and into) Century 21 (which, depending on how much I hated my outfit that day could cost anywhere from $20-$100...(I only did this a few times, but it still scared me in retrospect)); $2 PATH ride to Jersey City; coffee, $4. Post-911, Century 21 was taken out of the equation, replaced by some very good international magazine shops (~$15 for Italian Vogue).  These days, I limit myself to coffee on the way to the job, but the weekends remain deadly.  

Recent Friday-Sunday impulse buys include: Bodum 8-cup Eileen coffee maker (acquired at the organic deli down the street on a trip out for Greek yogurt); Chinese vases (acquired at Junk, after exercising when left alone by Porter for 10 minutes); Crystal Head Vodka ("Oh, Port, that was a fun movie. Let's just pop over to Astor Wines & Spirits. You know, just to look!"); TAR Magazine (on the way HOME from work on Friday...(It's incredible. INCREDIBLE! Damien Hirst dissects Kate Moss on the second issue's cover)); Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin (tried it at my friends' apartment, and, yes, sort of the reason I wanted to go to Astor Wines); Restoration Hardware Allaire Fan (ordered at work on that steamer of a day last week after receiving a memo that we wouldn't have A/C until May 15. The A/C went on the next day as the temps dropped 30 degrees)). 


  1. I sometimes have a panic-y feeling that I have a problem. But the stuff is all so good. Your stuff. Here. There's no buyer's remorse, obviously.

  2. mary says:

    Just look on the bright side--you no longer have to buy coffee...$4.00 savings... as you just bought that great coffee maker--and homemade is always better than bought. Have a great week; bring me more treasures.

  3. nicolette says:

    there's been talk of that crystal head vodka everywhere lately! have you seen the videos on the website? so crazy. a friend of mine was pushed to taste it at a bar in california, and got free little crystal head shot glasses!

  4. Haha - how fun! The thing is -- I hate vodka! Totally bought it for the bottle.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Apropos of nothing in particular. Check out this kid's dorm room. I think he is your preppy doppelganger:

  6. [Tara] says:

    God, I used to do that commute, but in the opposite direction [lived in Hoboken, worked downtown]. It was ridiculous how easily I could convince myself to go into Century21, even with the insane crowds. I love your purchases, and now I'm going to have to go find that magazine!!

  7. genius tar magazine! i love that great-looking fan. i refuse to believe there is a more perfect coffee press than the eileen : )

    gorgeous image, btw.

  8. A coincidence that it all looks so lovely in a tableau together? Me thinks not.

  9. The Saffron Gin is divine
    All gin is divine of course
    but this auburn genever is a step above

  10. the way to appreciate vodka ( or indeed wódka) is to have it as my Polish uncle used to serve it - ice cold and syrupy, straight from the freezer, in small cut glass shot-glasses, also frosted from the deep freeze. Thrown back with gestures of abandon and insouciance/ defiance. Ice on the lips, fire in the heart. Its Doctor Zhivago in alcoholic haiku form.