Vanity Fair's Pseudo Green Issue

Graydon Carter et all snuck a Green issue out a month early this year. You've got Gisele's body makin' every woman walking the planet green with envy...Teddy "If You Know Me, You Call Me Theodore" Roosevelt shootin' big game while wildly protecting the smaller species...and V.F. contributing editor Alex Shoumatoff digging up dirt about that old San Francisco club of blue blooded rich boys who apparently like to chop down even older red wooded trees. offers up some extra tidbits on those Bohemian Grovers, including their a deep appreciation for soul music. It's no surprise really -- they've just grown up from those good ole days with Doug Clark and His Hot Nuts.

Bohemian Grove memorabilia. Photograph by Karen Kuehn/memorabilia courtesy of Mary Moore via Vanity Fair.