Auctions | The Tie Inside

I like to think that this Irish boy, totally tired of potatoes and corned beef, developed a major hankering for spaghetti arrabiata.  Accordingly, he put on his best white linen and took the care to tuck in his red tie to prevent any precarious splashes.  Or maybe he just didn't want the tie to fall into the paritoneal cavity during cadaver class.  (No link between culinary urges and cadavers intended). Regardless, he looks great and could be yours for an estimated GBP 2,000-3,000 at the Irish Sale at Sotheby's London on May 7.


  1. LPC says:

    Dear me. He looks not unlike my son...

  2. David says:

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  3. David says:

    2-3 thousand seems like a reasonable price Hovey.....Go for it!

  4. He is the very spit of my younger brother. Its the promise of sulk in his gaze methinks.