Thank You (Again!), House Beautiful!

If it wasn't cool (and a total honor) enough for my living room to be included in the February issue of House Beautiful, they've now included the blog as one of the sites they love!  So many thanks to Dara Adeeyo for the wonderful write up and cheers to HB for all the great taste in every single issue.


  1. yeah!
    congrats on the living room showing and the great mention of blog love!!

  2. Richly deserved. It looks great, too!

  3. victoria thorne says:

    Magnificent news, well-warranted. Absolutely wonderful!

  4. Always enjoy your posts, musings and it is definitely time for the reading glasses- thanks for the tip. I love your blog- it is totally unique- Congratulations on the accolades. GT

  5. killer. you deserve it!

  6. And to top it off... It was a fantastic issue!
    You have a great blog, and I love the photo!
    keep up the good work, I always drop in as soon as I get the invite! ( to the blog)


    The Rhinestone Contessa

  7. mary says:

    You light up my day! Congratulations!

  8. congratualtions hhh! i really love your points of view! addictive and sharp.

  9. Congrats!! You very much deserve it! ;)

  10. [Tara] says:

    Congrats! You deserve this: you have one of the most unique blogs [and living rooms] out there!

  11. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!