1. And does one sacrifice aesthetics for fashion? I'm all for heavy frames until they are actually on my face! Though everyone thinks I'm oh so much smarter when I confess my nearsightedness.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Leciawp says:

    I've been amazed at the reading glasses my father in law has been able to find at a similar price point that look just fine. I'll pass on this link to him - thanks!

  4. just in the nick of time...i think i may need a pair...and dreaded looking... now, thanks to you, i am on the right track... thank you! and congratulations on your home in house beautiful!!!

  5. The Bean says:

    These are great! Sadly, my dad loses them all the time, so I buy them for him in bulk on Canal Street.

  6. loving acid trip and scored.

  7. I first came across Eyebobs a couple of years ago while shopping at NM in Washington DC. Bought my first pair ("Fish Bowl") then and there (am actually wearing them as I write this), and have purchased several pairs of "Scored" online. Company was started by a woman who was confronted by a market condition that sorely needed correction: reading glasses choice was between dull and cheap ($15 a pair at Duane Reade) or $500 from optomotrist (sp?). Am a big fan and have converted numerous friends to the joys of Eyebob!

  8. {Tara} says:

    These are fabulous! I'm finally reaching that age where I need reading glasses...it is hard to admit...but these make it seem less painful ;)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I buy eyebobs and take them to my optician and have my prescription put in them...so they're not just reading glasses...they're very cool frames that look 4x the money.