Polariod, The Resurrection

Hope and life spring eternal for that nearly forsaken film of nostalgic instant gratification! The folks at the Impossible Project have purchased the old Polaroid factories and machines to resurrect the medium from its deathbed. Wahoo! But they will need our support, so it's time to enlist! (Many thanks to CB for the heads up!)

(Above: Polaroid of Turkish naval graffiti near the Istanbul Modern by Porter Hovey, a gal who's doing her best to keep the medium alive and well.)


  1. Excellent! I will forward this on to my daughter who is about to head to art school with two freshly purchased Polaroids from Goodwill.

  2. k says:

    i bet a digital instant camera will be coming.
    if no one has thought of this yet please send me $$$ for idea, a check is fine, thank you

  3. Of course! The Polaroid must now be past-tense enough to be kitschy-cool. I love it. I hope the new factory makes a go of it. Maybe it will become a whole new sub-genre of photographic art.

    Such a great blog you have here--I just found it. Thank you,


  4. i honestly hope polaroid will be saved. there is nothing like a polaroid picture.

  5. Jessica says:

    I was hoping you would be interested in being interviewed for this series I am doing on my blog called The Little Interview.

    Let me know,