Istanbul Photo Evidence Pt. III: The Final Batch

An exceptional collection of paintings at an exceptional little gallery. Our one real night of interaction with the locals.

The shop where we shopped most!  The shop whose card I've misplaced. It's owned by the wonderful Dr. Haluk, a man with a 30-year antiques habit who gave it up temporarily to study medicine in Paris. After a heart attack about six years ago, he gave up doctoring and came back to his first love

You find the little shop by walking from Taksim Square along the Istiklal. Turn left down the street that leads to the Hamam (look for the M.A.C. store on the right and a neon fish sign to the left...aim towards the fish). It's just around the bend from the Hamam on the left.

A pigeon-feeding station at the Süleymaniye Mosque pretending like it's in Havana.

Breakfast at Tiffany's. Drinks (and an amazing 15+ course tasting menu) at Changa.

The Taksim/Tunel tram.

Backgammon in the Beyoğlu.

Me, shocked and a bit dismayed that I remembered an umbrella and forgot my converted rain slippers!  (I wish it were more practical to make this face more often in's certainly one of my most attractive poses, but must only be used in limited quantities without facing the risk of being considered mentally handicapped). 

The modest ceilings of the Blue Mosque.

Porter, eating the world's greatest string cheese.  That bag cost 4 Turkish lira...around $2.50.

My new favorite sandwich at my new favorite restaurant, Mangerie, a cousin to my favorite chain, the House Cafe.  You sit on a white washed porch on the third floor overlooking the Bosporus and wash down your honey soaked pear and mascarpone sandwiches with lattes.

Outside Hagia Sophia.

A selection from the great shop Denizler Kitabevi along the Istikal.


  1. Courtney says:

    These photos are so beautiful and it looks like one heck of a trip! And your commentary makes me giggle...although I'm not sure you could do anything to convince anyone you're "handicapped" xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Link to wonderful photos of the interior of Denizler Kitabevi:

  3. Pitboss12 says:

    That photo of you with the sunglasses on is terrific. That pear/marscapone sandwich & latte makes me want one for breakfast right now.

  4. I've been loving your photo tour, thanks!

  5. LOVE the umbrella shot! you're gorgeous.

  6. you guys are the most stylish sisters ever!!!