HHH Shopping Guide: Safari Bedroom

(...without spending a fortune).  {1} Indian Nautical Lantern, Vermont Lanterns, $89.97  {2} No. 95 Shoulder Satchel (inspired by a WWII Belgian map case), BillyKirk, $325  {3} Adventure II Treated Mosquito Net, Travel Health Help, $49.95  {4} Field Chair, Design Within Reach, $65  {5} Alseda stool, Ikea, $29.99  {6} African Safari Pith Helmet, Village Hat Shop, $42  {7} Crochet Tailored Bedskirt, Touch of Class, $49.75 (twin) to $89.75 (king)  {8} Lillesand Bed, Ikea, $179


  1. Love this, here is a less expensive version of the map bag from urban outfitters I found

  2. ACQUIRE says:

    Love these stools from Ikea. Besides being VERY affordable, they are actually very comfortable.

  3. Love the whole thing - wish I could accmodate it!

  4. mary says:

    Love these...think that I need to go out and buy Nos. 2, 3 and 4 today.

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  6. We need to GET the field chairs. They're just too cool.

  7. the bed from ikea is great-looking. i can't get over the price! love the satchel ... very handsome.

  8. Fab-u-lous!

    How can Ikea even do that bed at that price?