Ebay Shopping: Victorian Bird Clamp

Screw one of these little Victorian pin cushion/sewing clamps onto your desk and invite your co-workers to write viscous notes about your enemies and stick them in the beak while you're away. You'd enter your office in the morning greeted with news about the newest round of layoffs (that don't apply to you) or office affairs, and when you spread the news to others, you'll be able to - honestly - say that a little birdie told you.  Bids for this one (with very nice, in-tact pin cushions) start at 99 cents.


  1. Truc says:

    I just discovered your blog while looking for Tim Walker's Hermes images. I was wondering, have you ever seen the book called Interior Alchemy by Rebecca Purcell? She used to dress the windows at ABC Carpet and Home and her book is full of great ideas for people who like vintage styles.

  2. Anonymous says:

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