Addendum to Safari Bedroom Shopping Guide...

My clothes hang off exposed pipes in my room, so it's crucial that I only invest in items that match (in a very non-matchy-matchy way) my interiors. This rule becomes even more crucial when jewelry, bags and accessories (the most important tchotchkes of all!) are concerned (so when I included the BillyKirk satchel and the pith helmet as home accessories, I wasn't kidding). That said, these handmade organic Borocera silk shawls from the women at the Firaisankina Cooperative in Madagascar both would look just as exceptional casually hanging over the edge of the Lillesand Bed as they would draped around your neck. Available from Ebay's softer side,, for $54.99 each.


  1. Nice! I am going to take a look- the safari post is great- I just got a Billy Kirk bag and it is the stuff. G.

  2. JvdF says:

    this is fantastic and i love your entire blog! where have you been hiding???? keep it up...

  3. Anonymous says:

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