With Nails, Fix 'er Up

Sleddale Hall - best known as Uncle Monty's "horrible shack"/stone den of iniquity from Withnail + I - has a new owner, a "public schoolboy who has crewed on Alaskan packet boats, run chalets in Austria and now settled in the Far Eastern fells with a portfolio of holiday cottages and a pub" (according to The Guardian's Martin Wainwright).  He wants to restore it to its height-of-fame less than spiffy grandeur.  Read about the epic undertaking here.       

(Images by Christopher Thomond for The Guardian)


  1. Anonymous says:

    What fun!

    It reminds of an advert I once saw in the back of a Country Living (UK) magazine for property in the south of France: "Very nearly partly habitable."


  2. I love these pictures! Doesn't it make you want to put on some Wellies and explore?

  3. great pics...is this the place kate moss was trying to buy?

  4. Thank you so much for the link to this, it makes me very happy. :)