Well Polished

Porter once kicked her shoes off in front of a banker-type, revealing her near-black burgundy, very sophisticated toenail polish. One look at her feet and he roared: "Try pink, hon-ay. Try pink!!!"  Message received (sort of).

So, years later, the day before a first date, she took an informal poll with guys around the office and discovered some interesting trends.  In general, the straight white guys went with pink/buff, Asian guys said red and the gay guys went with mauve or near-black burgundy.  Porter ignored the hetero polling results and chose mauve.  These days, I'm erring more towards orange.  Essie's Clam Bake looks perfect with tweedy browns, all my purses and my green sea urchin box (from Moon River Chattel) - which is really all that matters.


  1. The thing is, the right guy always gets it. If you're luring him in with pink he's not the one.

  2. Leciawp says:

    Pink looks terrible on most feet unless it's darker. I always choose a variation of orange.

  3. I'm half asian half white and straight. I'm not sure what color polish that equals, but I always liked vibrant colors that caught my eye...I suppose I'm really just a magpie.

  4. I've been in a black/dark mauve rut - maybe I need to break out the orange!

  5. This post sparked my post for today...

  6. I love the orange - very bright and optimistic, which I dare say people could use on a first date!

  7. I always go with pale because I am
    a) too lazy and/or cheap to get more than one manicure a month.
    b) trying not to draw any more attention to my toes.

    The orange does look great with your urchin.