Rain Slippers

On a French class trip to Canada in 5th grade, I thought it'd be fun to go be rascally with the boys, so I jumped in a lake...in jeans...right before a five hour bus ride with no access to my suitcase (or a place to change and preserve any kind of modesty).  I have no plans to take a dip into the Bosporus, however, the forecast for Istanbul calls for undesirable quantities of moisture.  So, in hopes of saving my feet from the wet misery of the bus trip and my suitcases from the space-suck required for duck boots or wellies, I bought Totes. Men's over-the-shoe Totes. But then I cut them up...and painted them. They're not velvet. They're not even remotely feminine, but they'll pack up nicely and - from a distance - maybe even pass.


  1. ADG says:

    What a superb "tune up" you gave them! Kind of a hybrid now, between a pair of Belgian Shoes and Stubbs and Wooton slippers....while still keeping enough "rubber" intact to protect your shoes.

    I'd long since defined the esthetic offense of the unedited version of these things as the ultimate form of birth control!

  2. Shaun says:

    Way to take something so hideous and make it an expected part of your wardrobe. I might just have to do the same, being that I live in Oregon. With your permission that is.

  3. Permission granted! Hopefully my pants will be long enough to cover up the under-shoe...it could still spell disaster. Will report back!

  4. Hollister - these are wonderful. Only you.

  5. Bradford says:

    Make me a pair of "R" ones.....

  6. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Hollister - the depth of your creativity is just this side of ridiculous! -well done.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How brilliant is that! Nothing classier than a monogram

  8. Leciawp says:

    Now I'm having shoe envy - I could use those in Seattle!

  9. Tavarua says:

    Fantastic - Brilliant - These are perfect - with the monogram....
    You will love Istanbul and bring empty bags...they will be full of ...just everything.....and spices.....

  10. Rose says:

    Wonderfully creative idea! Can't wait to see the shots when you get back.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I'd buy them from you if I could - love the idea!
    Check out "Ed Meier" here in Munich - they'd buy them from you in a minute!

  12. Flat out brilliant.

    Hope the trip was superb. Looking forward to the photos and commentary.