Ebay Shopping: 1930s Indian Jodhpurs

In grade/middle school, all the boys in my class would latch onto one movie a year and run with it - and the choices always seemed quite bizarre.  In 6th grade, it was the Lost Boys and by 7th, all attention turned to The Doors.  One boy went so far in emulating Val Kilmer emulating Jim Morrison that he talked his parents into buying him a pair of leather pants which he committed himself to wearing for fortnights at a time while concurrently giving up all commitments to bathing ("just like Jim").  Holding that memory far too close in my mind, it's hard to consider buying used leather pants, but if you're brave, these have probably had quite a bit of time to air out.  You can buy these 1930s-ish leather Indian Motorcycle jodhpurs now for $299 or take your chance at bidding.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Best leather pants story ever.