AW09 | Fly Me (To Heaven)

I like a man who can look a recession in the face and spit.  Cowhide items at Hermès weren't really pricey enough, so Jean Paul Gaultier stitched up a collection of fur and alligator Earhart-inspired duds to sate the plebes.  Whole planes probably cost less.  But my goodness, if one was ever to splurge...

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  1. Anonymous says:

    tres chic - I posted about aviatrix chic a couple of months ago on my blog too - lovely

  2. truly spectacular. that last image is insane!!! so much perfection.

  3. I am dying over that last image. Are those leather leggings?!! I love it!

  4. Tamstyles says:

    your blog is hot...those pictures are fab!

  5. [Tara] says:

    I just posted on the aviator look this week as well...I love it, and it is actually so flattering and sexy!

  6. I see "Snoopy" - long live the red baron!

  7. what amazing outfits!
    i wish to live in that space-age avionics driven world!