Polo, With or Without the Horse

The excellent Intersection Magazine pegs traditional poloists against their urban, less poshy brethren: the Hardcourt Bike Polo player.  This is something I'd like to try: 1) it will give me an excuse to buy a litany of equipment...2) will surely lead to some good battle scars.  However, everyone who appears on the NYC Bike Polo page looks a little too intense.  So, anyone in the area interested in a little passive polo endeavor?

If that all works out, this could be next...

In related news: Hurlingham, the Polo Association Magazine, has quite an interesting story on the history of American arena polo (starting on page 28).


  1. Something tells me that alcohol is involved - it should go over well in New Orleans.

  2. If it includes dressing up and cocktails, I'm in.

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  4. Unknown says:

    I saw this idea the other day on TV and I think it's so awesome!! Definitely on the life "to do list"

  5. Unknown says:

    Am going to feature you in my blog today, such an original thing to post about - everyone must see it! :-)

  6. Brilliant post! Bicycle polo. Yes, alcohol is involved (as well it should) and dressing up is voluntary but certainly encouraged.

  7. Diana says:

    In my personal experience, bike polo is rarely so genteel- but it is the domain of the mustachioed and the tattooed, so it's still just as interesting.

  8. mamacita says:

    Check out this pic: it's Nigella Lawson (as an Oxford student) playing polo while being carried around in a litter.

  9. Anonymous says:


    No matter the cost, I'm in.


  10. From what I can understand, bike polo is predominately bike messengers on fixed gear bikes.When I first heard of the sport a couple months ago, I too thought was a brilliant idea - but simply put messengers scare me.

    No way would they accept me riding my Pashley. I'd be dead in the first chukka.

  11. If we do this there will be many requirements:
    1) many cocktails 2) many gears (allowed) 3) many pieces of leathery protection 4) many more cocktails 5) no logo tees! (We'd be the nightmare of the bike polo world...but too drunk to notice).

  12. "Bike messengers"? "Mustaches and tattoos"? Maybe in the US, but not elsewhere. This is definitely an amusement for drunk ne'er-do-wells. The English travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor once played a game of bicycle polo with Hungarian arisocrats right before the Second World War.

  13. Michelle says:

    people in chicago are obsessed with their bikes but surprisingly I think we have a small/hardly worth mentioning bike polo scene!